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Inside Frederick Asare’s Battle: Overcoming pressure and doubt to shine at Kotoko

Asante Kotoko goalkeeper Frederick Asare has opened up about his initial struggles and the temptation to leave the club shortly after his arrival.

Asare’s journey to the Porcupine Warriors began when he made a decisive move from Accra Lions on a free transfer.

His debut season with the team was nothing short of impressive, boasting an astounding 21 appearances in the 2022/23 Ghana Premier League (GPL). His determination and drive to excel in his role are now set to fuel his continued growth.

However, Asare’s path to success could have taken a different turn had he given in to his early doubts and concerns.

In an honest and forthright interview with the Kotoko Media channel, Asare candidly revealed that he seriously contemplated terminating his newly-signed contract due to the overwhelming pressure he felt as a newcomer to such a prestigious club.

“This is one of the things I wanted to hide from the media. Life at Kotoko from the beginning wasn’t easy.

“When I came, I quite remember that exactly I think the 3rd day or 4th day, I met the physio and the team doctor to inform them that I can’t continue,” he recounted.

“The pressure was too much. From where I was coming from, Asante Kotoko was a big club and is one of the places they expect more from you,” the 24-year-old reflected.

Despite his initial reservations, Asare resolved not to back down. He acknowledged that the transition was challenging, especially adapting to the club’s unique culture and demanding training routines.

“So I put it in mind that I wouldn’t come down. However from the look of things after 3-4 days especially the culture, training drills, etc was not easy,” he added.

Frederick Asare’s dedication and perseverance ultimately proved pivotal in overcoming his initial doubts, and he has since grown into a valuable asset for Asante Kotoko. He will be looking to keep his number 1 spot at the expense of Danlad Ibrahim and Cameroonian Moise Pouaty when the 2023/24 season kicks on.


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