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FEATURE: Sports Minister vs GFA; Nobody wins

There are many Ghanaians who disagree with the Sports Minister’s attempt to dictate to the FA on which players should be called up to play for the national team.

Heck, his handling of this whole situation impugns his leadership skills.

As much as it’s easy to see the logic in asking for local players to be called up for the Rwanda game, a seemingly meaningless exercise, the manner in which he’s gone about it is highly questionable.

For example, Ghana qualified in June, and both parties knew there was still one game remaining in the qualifiers. Why didn’t the minister call a meeting and make a clear statement to the handlers of the team that he wanted local players invited for the last encounter against Rwanda?.

He could’ve given his reasons there, thrown the issue out in the media, and he would’ve received a lot of backing.

Why wait till invitations are handed out to players before asking the FA to rescind those decisions? As at now, there’s still no official document to this effect. It’s all been done in the media, bar a phone call or two (according to the minister).


Simple. Because we have lost all sympathy for the Black Stars players. It’ll take a monumental gesture from the players for Ghanaians to completely forgive them for their 2014 fiasco.

The players have offered to buy their own flight tickets to come play the game and Ayew has offered to pay for those who can’t afford. But instead of praising them for this gesture, a lot of people are still lambasting them.

We are fully aware that the current fracas between the ministry and the FA can gravely hurt the Stars’ chances of qualifying for the World Cup in 2018. A few years ago, Ghanaians didn’t want anybody doing anything to hurt their chances of a World Cup appearance.

Things have changed now. Nobody seems to care. In fact, if Ghanaians cared so much about missing Russia 2018, they would’ve been up in arms against the minister. But The FA and the Black Stars have taken Ghanaians for a ride for a long time. People are fed up. Unless we’re starved of World Cup football for a few years, this we-don’t-care-if-we-don’t-qualify attitude won’t go away.

So, even though we know Nii Lantey Vanderpuye isn’t entirely right, we support him because we see his actions as a form of retribution for the unsavory manner the FA and the players have conducted themselves in the last two or so years.

The GFA is playing hardball, and so is the minister. So far though, the FA’s approach doesn’t seem to be working.

If the GFA had just heeded to the minister’s request, albeit late, and called up locally-based players, what’s the worst that could’ve happened? I can only see positives in a move like that. Ayew would’ve saved his money, and none of this needless back and forth would’ve happened.

Now the locals won’t get their chance, Ayew’s money is wasted, the senseless media war continues, and nobody wins.

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