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Paintsil urges GPL clubs: Focus on squad depth for success

Former Black Stars defender John Paintsil has issued a strong piece of advice to clubs in the Ghana Premier League to avoid building teams around a single player. 

Speaking on Asempa FM, Paintsil emphasized the importance of having a well-rounded squad to ensure the sustainability and success of football clubs in the competitive league.

“Running football is a business, so if the player is young and has the opportunity to go, why not?” Paintsil stated during the interview.

He highlighted that clubs should be prepared to let young talents move to bigger opportunities abroad, as this could bring financial benefits to the club.

“You need to have a big squad if you really want to do business. The player can be 16 years old, and a team in Europe can buy him for a long-term contract.”

Paintsil underscored that club owners, including chairmen and presidents who invest their money, need to see returns on their investments.

Therefore, it is crucial to have a solid team structure with multiple players capable of stepping up when necessary.

“The man, the chairman, the president himself, who is using his money needs to get a return. So I don’t think there’s a problem in that.”

He concluded by advising that teams should not rely heavily on one or two players.

“When you are building a team, you need to build the structure well so that you have many players. Don’t build a team around one or two players.”

In recent times, the Ghana Premier League has seen several notable players making significant contributions to their teams.

Among these are Steven Mukwala formerly of Asante Kotoko, who dazzled fans with his skill and scoring ability.

Another standout player is former Samartex FC player Emmanuel Keyekeh, whose leadership and midfield mastery have been pivotal for his team.

These players exemplify the kind of depth and talent that Paintsil advocates for in his advice to GPL clubs.

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