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Black Stars would have won Afcon 2015 if John Mahama fulfilled promises to old players – Rev. Osei Kofi

Ghanaian football legend Rev. Osei Kofi says the Black Stars would have been Afcon 2015 champions had the Mahama government paid promises made to past players.

The senior national men’s team lost in a penalty shootout to Cote d’Ivoire after a goalless stalemate in Equatorial Guinea.

Rev. Osei Kofi asserted in an interview on JoySports that the reason behind Ghana’s failure to win an Afcon since 1982 is as a result of the neglect former players have faced for their success.

“When we were going to Cameroon [for the 2021 AFCON], I heard a prophet on Asempa FM saying that, if [leadership] don’t look back and cater for the old ones that won the cup, they won’t get to the quarter-final, and truly, we came back with one point,” he said.

“No one has cursed the team, but in the Bible, Ecclesiastes chapter 5:4-6 says, ‘When you make a commitment or promise, you should not postpone fulfilling your vow. Failing to keep your promises is considered foolish, and God does not look favourably upon such behaviour.’ If you know you won’t honour it, don’t make the promise,” he stated.

“You [Ghana] promised to give us houses, and if you don’t give us any, you no longer win. Does it mean we cursed you?” he quizzed.

“Can you use $5,000 to build a house? Those who went and got $100,000, what did they do when they got the $100,000? Do you know that when they came, everybody bought a house? My standard 7 certificate understanding, a promise, and a token, are they the same? ‘Osei, go and win the Cup and come for a car’; I win, you don’t give it to me, but rather say, ‘What I have I will give you,’ are they the same?

“The five penalty shootouts… listen to this very carefully… John Mahama, what he did, if he had fulfilled the promise, Ghana would have won the trophy. Of the five penalties, Ghana scored the first two, and Ivory Coast missed. Ghana needed one more to win, and we missed.

“Do you see what the token did for Ghana? The token took us to the final, but it couldn’t win the cup. He needed to fulfill the promise, and we would have been champions.”

Asked whether former players were given a token to appease them before AFCON 2010 when Ghana made the final, he said: “Mahama’s assertion was just an example. When he did that, I told him I was not a learned student, but I know a promise is different from a token,” he noted.

“In all the four AFCONs we won, no one had a bicycle, but the recent team placed second in Equatorial Guinea, and they were given Cherokee cars. In 1965, when we won the cup and brought it, there was a big banquet.”

“Acheampong called me and Sempah Asante to tell the Black Stars players that if they win the Cup to honour Ghana and him as the Commander in Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces in Ghana, that was when the Dansoman Estates were being built, they would be given a house each, and they won,” Kofi stated.

“Akuffo removed Acheampong and said he didn’t promise. Do you see the unfortunate incident? When a head of state promises and the head is not there, is the state also not there?” he questioned.

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