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Nyantakyi vs Anas: Why 2018 saga is trending and will it end after April 2024?

Former Ghana Football Association President Kwesi Nyantakyi’s rift with Anas Aremeyaw Anas continues. It might not be ending soon, maybe after April.

The football brain says there’s a lawsuit with the investigative journalist which might end in April. Today’s date? April 3. That’s 27 days more.

27 days of waiting for the final decision from Ghana’s High Courts concerning the case between the two popular names back in 2017 when “Number 12” struck.

What’s Number 12?

That’s the title of the investigative piece on Ghana football conducted by Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his Tiger Eye PI group back in 2018.

Referees, Match Commissioners, and Regional Football Chiefs, among others, were captured in the video beamed on BBC and at public halls for Ghanaians especially.

#Number12: Nyantakyi denies wrongdoing, feels ‘scammed’

The reactions? Brutal anger, resignations, lawsuits and insults all over the media space, Pro vs Anti. And the confused US! Us here includes Dennis Ivan Opoku.

I watched and observed the media space as my colleagues shared opinions, suggested ideas to curb the situation and urged the Ghana government to act.

In football,  calm was restored when a new GFA Boss was elected in 2019—Kurt Okraku – who is serving his second term in office.

But sadly, the saga did not end; it has not ended and is vibrant in the media, once again.

This time, with damning information from Nyantakyi who is still peeved and hurt at the actions of Anas.

“Before the video was released, his lawyers reached out to me through his lawyer, a certain Kwame Gyan, a lecturer at Legon. I met him at his residence around Westland and gave them the money,” he said in an interview with Onua TV.

“But they told me the amount was inadequate and later went ahead to release the video.

“After the video came out, I asked for a refund and even the refund was done in pieces. Today, they would bring $20,000, and the next day another $10,000. They were giving me stories, but eventually I got everything back,” Kwesi Nyantakyi said.

After the interview on Tuesday, April 2, Anas and his Tiger Eye PI responded with a press statement.


The Response

“The core mission of Tiger Eye PI and Anas is to expose and confront corruption, making the notion of shielding corrupt individuals utterly preposterous given the extensive resources and efforts invested in producing such exposés,” the statement said.

“Tiger Eye P.I. unequivocally asserts that any purported criminal arrangement between Mr. Nyantakyi and any alleged lawyer remains solely between Mr. Nyantakyi and the purported recipient.”

“We firmly deny any involvement or knowledge of such activities,” it reiterated.

According to Tiger Eye, “Should Mr. Nyantakyi’s claims hold substance, we challenge him to pursue legal action against Lawyer Kwame Gyan, including lodging a petition with the General Legal Council, to substantiate his allegations.”

Currently, in Ghanaian social media, Kwesi Nyantakyi, who is vying for the member of Parliament seat in the Ejisu Constituency, is trending alongside Anas.

But in his interview on Onua TV, the former Confederation of African Football Veep, revealed that their lawsuit is still in court and the judge has warned Anas that by the end of April, a decision will be made due to the lack of witnesses by the counsel for Anas.


In response to the Number 12 documentary by Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his TigerEye PI team, the former president of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Kwesi Nyantakyi, claims he is aware of the Ghanaian individuals who were responsible for the investigation that cost him his higher-level positions at FIFA and CAF. OnuaMaakye OnuaTV

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So what next for Kwesi Nyantakyi, what of Anas? Who has already lost a case against Ghanaian politician Kennedy Agyapong and will receive a reputation and integrity blow if the judge rules in favour of the former GFA Boss.

In conclusion, we wait!

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