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Empowering Tomorrow’s Stars: LaLiga and EA Sports elevate Grassroots Football Initiatives with Accra Seminar

Accra – LaLiga, in collaboration with EA Sports, is actively engaging with academies in Africa to bolster grassroots football initiatives as part of their regional and community projects.

The joint effort aims to enhance opportunities and support for budding talents on the continent.

Focused on youth players, a comprehensive support program is in the works, with selected academies participating in discussions to refine and develop the best football talents across Africa.

During the first day of the two-day event in Accra, LaLiga conducted a presentation involving players, technical teams, and staff from youth clubs including AS Koppan, Avranches FC, and 2015 Football Club.

The presentation was designed to equip players with the knowledge and tools necessary for professional development, both within the football industry and beyond.

The core values emphasized included effort, resilience, respect, hard work, teamwork, commitment, and fellowship.

L-R: Ayodeji Adegbenro and Desmond Chiji - LaLiga reps

Desmond Chiji, LaLiga’s Country Director for Ghana and Nigeria, stated, “This is a strategy to develop and promote the grassroots because it is very important.”

“That is where our sport (football) is born from, that is the core of our sport, and we want to continue to feed the grassroots platform so that it gets the right education for players to develop properly and to help players withstand challenges that come their way.”

The seminar will resume on Saturday, December 15, 2023, with further educational sessions for young players, culminating in a live viewing of the LaLiga match between Athletic Club and Atletico Madrid.


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