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Medics at Premier League centres questioned

The competence of the medical team of the various clubs in the country has once again come to question as Ghana could have been in the state of mourn right after a colourful start to the 2015/16 Premier League season last weekend.

This is because the medical team at the Techiman Park during the match day 1 fixture between Techiman City and Berekum Chelsea on Sunday, failed to resuscitate former Ebusua Dwarfs striker Asiwome Fumador when he fell unconscious on the pitch during play.

His team mate Saddick Adams had to help out and save his life before he (Asiwome Fumador) was taken to the hospital in a police van.

This is the second time the former Black Starlet has saved a life on the pitch. He was on hand when BA United player Ebenezer Badu dropped to the ground motionless after colliding heads with one of his teammates during a training session earlier this year as there were no medics around to attend to him.

fumedor 1

This has given rise to questions on how clubs give premium to their medical committee of their clubs and Saddick Adams has asked same:

“I don’t know how, where and when this same situation will happen to me on a field of play because I am also in the same game”…this is the second time such a horrible scene has happen[ed] on a field of play. First, it was at the B/A United training ground and today [Sunday’s February 21], same situation happened and again had to rush to the scene, even to the extent of collecting a key from the Red Cross just to make sure the guy[‘s] mouth is wide open and they were just watching….the guy[‘s] mouth later opened but full of blood and again, everyone was afraid to blow air into his mouth for good respiration. But I understand them because no one knows the health status of another when a blood is flowing but as a player for me I don’t mind doing it because only God knows best…..I did my best and yet his life is safe again. My man your life is more precious than the 3points. Still more matches to go. Get well soon the terminator FUMADOR ASIEME,” Adams posted on his Facebook page.

Berekum Chelsea lost the encounter courtesy a late strike by former striker Ibrahim Issaka for Techiman City.

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