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Achee fires back: ‘No $20,000 for Black Stars call-up received,’ demands proof from Ransford Osei

Frederick Acheampong, better known as Achee, a prominent member of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) Executive Council, has vehemently denied allegations of financial impropriety made by former player Ransford Osei.

In a recent interview, Osei, the silver ball winner from the 2007 U-17 Fifa World Cup, alleged that he provided Achee with $20,000 to facilitate his inclusion in the Black Stars squad for the South Africa 2010 Fifa World Cup.

Achee, responding to the claims in a statement issued today, expressed profound shock and labeled Osei’s assertions as “totally unfounded” and “ridiculous.”

“I find the ridiculous claims by the player malicious and without any basis and challenge him to provide proof of payment,” Acheampong declared in the response shared via his social media handles.

He further warned that without evidence, he would resort to legal means to clear his name, stating, “If he [Osei] fails to provide the evidence to back up his absurd claims, I will be left with no choice than to use all legal means, including the law courts, to clear my name.”

Achee, who previously worked with Osei during his tenure as the Marketing and Communications Director of the erstwhile Kessben FC, emphasized his professional conduct in advancing Osei’s football career.

Acheampong asserted that Osei has a history of attributing his career setbacks to others, with this recent accusation being the latest instance.

“I never asked, nor received $20,000 from Ransford Osei for any purpose and hereby challenge him to provide the proof or retract and apologize,” Acheampong declared firmly.

Osei’s allegations, revealed during a Doc Sports interview, detailed that the money was intended for processes related to his potential call-up to the Black Stars for the 2010 Fifa World Cup, a call-up that did not materialize.

Osei claimed, “I told him ‘Senior, please relax. I have been with you since U-17. When I went to sign my first contract in Israel, Maccabi Haifa, I went with you because I was a minor. When I came home, you said we need to do this and that. So I gave you $20,000 for that process.”

Achee’s response not only refuted the allegations but also conveyed that the matter has been referred to his legal team, who will pursue legal action to clear his name from what he described as a “spurious allegation.”

The conflicting narratives presented by Osei and Achee could potentially lead to legal proceedings, shedding light on the truth behind the accusations. As the football community eagerly awaits further developments, the focus remains on the resolution of this dispute and its potential impact on the reputations of those involved.



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