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GFA President Okraku urges collective stakeholder effort to revive spectatorship

Ghana Football Association (GFA) President, Kurt Okraku, has issued a rallying cry to all football stakeholders, urging a united effort to address the dwindling spectatorship at local matches.

Recent years, especially in the Ghana Premier League (GPL) last season, have seen a concerning decline in spectatorship at domestic games, prompting the GFA boss to emphasize the need for a collaborative response to tackle this pressing issue.

President Okraku painted a stark picture of the current state of spectatorship at football matches, highlighting the prevailing apathy and the fractured connection between fans and local teams.

He made these remarks during the GFA Awards ceremony, where he implored all stakeholders to pool their resources and reignite the passion among football enthusiasts in the country.

“Let us also think about how we are going to bring our 12th man back to football. Our 12th man is our fan. We call our 12th man our supporter,” President Okraku declared.

He went on to stress, “It is the collective responsibility of all of us herein gathered to play our respective parts in ensuring that as we celebrate, we do this knowing very well that we have a role to play in bringing back the 12th man of football.

“This is our challenge in the new season.”

The call by the GFA President resonates with the wider football community, highlighting the importance of a thriving fan base in promoting the growth and vibrancy of the sport in the country.

The 2023/24 football is set to get underway with the Ghana Premier League on Friday, September 15.


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