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‘I wanted to play Premier League at a club that I can develop’ – Kudus explains West Ham choice

Ghana international Mohammed Kudus has explained his decision to join West Ham United over competing offers, shedding light on the thought process behind his move.

The 23-year-old attacking midfielder was officially introduced as a new signing for West Ham on Sunday. He has committed to a five-year contract with the possibility of extending his stay with the East London club.

Kudus emerged as a subject of attention from multiple Premier League contenders, including Arsenal, Chelsea, Brighton and Hove Albion, and West Ham. Ultimately, he elected to align his future with the latter.

In his first interview, Kudus elaborated on how his personal goals harmonize with the club’s strategic vision.

“The project he [Tim Steidten] presented to me was developing the Club to the best possible level they can so he wants to sign new young talents, play good football, and that fits with my ambition and goal as a player.

“I want to play in the Premier League, but I also want to play at Club that I know I can develop. I just loved the project that was presented to me, and I think it fits well with my ambition and where I’m heading to,” Kudus explained.

He emphasized that his family played a crucial role in his decision-making process and has consistently supported him throughout his career.

“Yes, my family always support me 100 percent and advise me.

“Of course, it’s football, and I’m going to be on the pitch and have most of the experiences, so I just follow my gut feeling because most of my decisions I make, it’s from my stomach and what my gut feeling is telling me and it was telling me it was West Ham, so my family supported me 100 percent,” he echoed.

The anticipated debut of the talented Kudus in the West Ham jersey could materialize when they face Luton Town in their upcoming Premier League match on September 1.


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