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Badminton Buzz: Talents take centre stage at 2023 Ghana Open Championships

The 2023 Ghana Open Badminton Championships, held in Accra over the weekend, witnessed a resounding turnout, cementing its significance in the nation’s sporting calendar.

The three-day event convened 169 athletes from diverse regions of the country at the Trust Sports Emporium, engaging them in 314 competitive matches across various categories.

The individual and club’s open championship events saw age categories for the corporate teams, Juniors, Seniors, and Masters, are U15, U19, U30, 30-39,40-49, 50-59,60-69, and 70-79.

A total of 34 athletes were identified to achieve the results for the national team selection to the World Championships, Individual events, African Championships, and the 2023 African Games to be held here in Ghana.

Tournament director, Dr. Benjamin Konadu, asserted that the triumphant execution of the championship contributes to its growing prominence, solidifying its status as an event of note.

Dr. Konadu shared, “The tournament has been very successful. Looking at the talents we have seen, next year’s 2023 African Games we are going produce massive amount of Badminton players who, to my expectations, they are going to win top medals for us.

“The talent we are unleashing is very good and they are really putting in their very best in their respective team events.”

Moses Adu, head coach of the event, detailed forthcoming strategies.

“There is a lot to be done from now to March 2024 when the African Games comes off. We need to shape the players and since Ghana will be hosting, the number of Badminton players will increase and they have to work harder to improve because the slots are open for whoever exceeds expectations will make it to the games.”

Voices of youthful competitors echoed the significance of the event. Abdul Ahmed, a junior under-30 player, highlighted the transformative power of triumph, stating:

“It has been a good experience and even though I am familiar with this level winning comes as a plus for me and it encourages me to play harder and try to win more.”

Prospera Nantuo, a female badminton player, also echoed the sentiment.

“I am so excited because every win is important for me. The games went well because my opponents tried but there is always one winner in this game and fortunately for me, I was able to win,” she noted.

As the days count down to the 23rd World Junior Championships of the Badminton World Federation (BWF) set to transpire in Spokane, Washington, USA, from September 24 to October 8, 2023, the Ghana Open Badminton Championships provided a preparatory ground for honing skills and refining strategies.

Evans Yeboah, President of the Ghana Badminton Association, underscored the earnest efforts in grooming participants for the upcoming competition.

“We have started preparations in earnest and focused on enhancing our talent pool. So this particular event is adding up to our national team so that we will have a formidable squad for the African Games.

“Again, Ghana and Mauritius are the only qualified African teams for the World Junior Championship coming up in the United States in September.”

Ghana enters this international competition fortified by its Best African Performer recognition achieved in the latest edition of the World Junior Championships held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

The trajectory of badminton in Ghana continues to evolve, showcasing incremental improvements over time. Much like fine wine, the story of Ghana’s badminton is expected to mature gracefully.



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