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Jeremie Frimpong prioritises playing for Holland over Ghana

Fast-rising Celtic FC defender Jeremie Frimpong has his heart set on playing for the Dutch national team despite latest interest from Ghana.

The right-back was born in Amsterdam to Ghanaian and Dutch parents but was raised in England, making him eligible for these three countries.

Speaking to Celtic TV about his international desires, the former Manchester City trainee said he would like to keep his options opened but prioritises playing for Holland over Ghana’s Black Stars at some point in his career.

“There is interest in me from Ghana but right now I want to play for Holland although I won’t write off Ghana. I could play for England as well. If that came about it would be between those three but I don’t have Scottish connections,” Frimpong said.

The 18-year-old moved to Man City at age seven and admits he needs to catch up with the Dutch language if he’s to go all the way to the Oranje.

He stated: “I’m still working on my Dutch! I know how to speak it a little. If I do play for the national team I will try to learn it.

“The language isn’t the easiest to learn. The way they speak is fast so you just have to listen to what they are saying and look at their lips carefully. My sister speaks it fluently. She has been teaching me little bits but it’s hard.

“It was English that was spoken in the house when I was growing up. That and the Ghanaian language called Twi.

“My mum would normally speak that to me but my brothers and sisters all speak English. The only Dutch they would use would be hello and goodbye.”

Why the Holland national team?

“I fully believe I can play in that company.

“It would be exciting to be a part of that. They play a lot of young players as well who are really good. The Dutch are building.

“Back in the day they were great and they are keeping it up. I’d love to be a part of it.

“I’d like to follow Virgil [van Dijk]. There’s a pathway. You get chances here [Celtic].”

Jeremie Frimpong joined the Scottish giants, Celtic FC, this summer.




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