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NC Special Competition in danger as Premier League clubs withdraw

Clubs in the Ghana Premier League have jointly announced their non-participation in the Special Competition of the Football Association’s Normalization Committee (NC) scheduled to take place later this month.

The Normalization Committee intended to organize the competition to keep clubs active, following the absence of football activities in the country after the Anas corruption exposé.

The NC on Tuesday invited the representatives of the cubs to explain the modalities of their proposed competition but certain portions were hugely kicked against by the elite division teams.

The NC indicated that, it will be making payments on behalf of the clubs to the players. Again, they proposed to play a 64-team competition which will include the Division One League Clubs.

But, the top hierarchy of the Ghana Premier League clubs were not satisfied with those proposals as well as a GHS 20,000 participation package for each team.

The top tier clubs met again and called for a dialogue with the NC Thursday, presenting to them their suggestions. They proposed a separate competition for the Ghana Premier League clubs and vehemently rejected the NC’s decision to pay the players on their behalf.

However, on Thursday evening, the Normalization Committee responded to their request, sticking to their initial plans.

Reports were rife that the 16 Premier League clubs were going to boycott the competition and organize their own should the Committee overlook their proposals.

And, on Friday morning, the Ghana Premier League clubs, through a statement indicated their willingness not to take part in the completion.

However, they are open to a further discussion if the Normalization Committee so wishes.

Below is the full statement of the Ghana League clubs:

“On behalf of the Premier League Clubs we acknowledge receipt of the letter from Mr. Mark Addo dated yesterday regarding our participation in the special competition proposed by the Normalization Committee.

As respectfully expressed to the Normalization Committee during yesterday’s meeting, we have grave concerns about the format presented and, as such, cannot commit to participating as currently constructed.

Yesterday, we presented an alternative proposal based on our years of experience financing and operating clubs which we believe represents the interests of all stakeholders, including our brothers in Division One. We also believe it provides the most compelling platform to attract media/commercial partners and re-launch football in Ghana with great excitement.

We are prepared to move forward with 16-team Premier League CAF Champions League Qualification Tournament as presented to and approved by the Normalization Committee, and appreciate your stated willingness to adjust your timelines to minimize scheduling issues.

Should you wish to continue a constructive dialogue on how we can participate in a broader tournament along the lines of the 64-Team CAF Confederation Cup we would welcome a further discussion. Otherwise, we wish you all the best for the success of your special tournament as currently structured.

We look forward to working with you toward the best interests of football in Ghana.”


By Daniel Osei



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