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GPL: PLB justifies 3-week break; resumes June 25

The Premier League Board (PLB) has defended its decision for the Ghana Premier League to go on a three-week recess.

There are fears this break for the already delayed 2015/16 season which has been highly patronized by football fans than anticipated could reduce the enthusiasm shown by supporters but the PLB has denied this assertion.

Public Relations Officer of the board, Tamimu Issah explains the congested nature of the first round has necessitated the long break to help clubs get ready for the second half of the season.

“Yes we are hard pressed for time because the league did not start early. As a result, the calendar was packed and that’s why we’ve seen a lot of midweek fixtures in the first round though initially we wanted to play only on weekends”.

“So that has made the clubs very tired and there have been complains of the high number of goals we witnessed at the beginning of the season and so breaking a league for a few weeks is normal and it has its own benefits to both the technical men and players”, he added.

Tamimu Issah tells Kapital Sports, “The clubs believe that they need this break so they can re-strategise and have better plans for the second round. It’s something all the clubs welcomed and haven’t complained that it’s going to affect the sort of enthusiasm they started the league with”.

The second round will commence on Saturday the 25th of June 2016.

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